Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Abstracts sent back to the drawing board

Nothing like having great ideas but realizing the masses might not be ready yet to hear some of them.

We sat and thought about various ideas and topics and came up with a list that could be interesting.

Only problem was, when we went to the outside world, they suggested we were off course a little bit.

So the question comes, where does one post and present topics which could be interesting but in a niche way today, next year larger?

Yes I could and will most likely blog about it but what if the masses are wrong? What if this is a hot topic just...not...quite...yet?

Either way you only have till Oct 9th now to get your abstracts for Lotusphere 2010 submitted so get going will you please? Make us all want to have 4 sessions every hour we WANT to attend.


  1. Look back in history...
    How many times has the masses been wrong as opposed to the bra individuals that countered them ?

    Earth is flat, The Earth is the center of the universe, Communism works etc.

    The best ideas are usually made fun of by the masses. It doesn't mean they're right.

  2. I am no such genius, possibly prescient at times but far from genius.
    But you know these things happen and once i figure out who to write it up will post about it.

  3. Extended to Oct 9th afaik.