Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Quickr "not in the box" Items

Warren reminded me that not everyone stays on top of all that is Quickr.

Something which I forgot I had and probably few of you knew about is the Firefox Quickr Plugin. Works well and was recently updated 7/31/09.
You can get it here.
The Lotus Quickr Firefox Connector is a Mozilla Firefox extension which gives you convenient access to Quickr documents through a browser sidebar . The connector lets you browse Quickr document libraries, view documents, and organize content using bookmarks and drag and drop. Since the connector is built on Quickr's published REST document services, you can use the plugin with either Lotus Quickr Portal Services or as part of an ECM solution using IBM FileNet Content Manager Collaboration Edition or IBM Content Manager Collaboration Edition. Like other Firefox extensions, it can be used on Windows or Linux desktops.
Need Quickr for J2EE Templates? IBM has them here.
As with other releases, using Lotus Quickr 8.1.1, it is easy to build templates for frequently used team places. Templates allow teams to quickly create their place without repeating the same customization work again and again. The level of customization depends on the person's skill level. Business users for example, can easily put together a place with functional components and share it with others as a template. On the other hand, developers can do code level customization such as look and feel that can be shared via the template. These sample templates were developed with some code level customization. An example is the welcome page in each of these places. The welcome page provides a dashboard view of the contents in a place.

Of course I would be remiss if I did not include Rob Novak and teams excellent SNAPPS Quickr templates, all 11 of them...for free. Thanks Rob!

A Business Partner other than SNAPPS posted this to the IBM Catalog as well.
Peters Technology Group, LLC
How about a "Standard Teamplace with Blog and Wiki Template for Quickr"
Get it here.

And for those looking for integration between Quickr and Connections, courtesy of IBM:
Lotus Connections Connector for Lotus Quickr
The IBM® Lotus® Connections Connector for Lotus® Quickr™ allows users to create associated Lotus Quickr team places for their Lotus Connections Communities. In Lotus Quickr, they can organize, share files, and collaborate on documents from a central location. When a new Connections Community is created, the associated Quickr team place is also created and the access control and membership of the Quickr place will be determined by the often fluctuating Connections Community membership. Communities associated with a team place in Lotus Quickr can aggregate updates in the community overview page, making it easier to stay current with projects and work collaboratively.

For sure there is more out there, let me know will add them to the list.


PS - Quickr 8.2 has fix pack3 out, in case you don't follow these things.

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