Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Customer CEO gets it, how about yours?

When discussing the latest Quickr fixes with the CEO of a customer about why these are coming out the way they are, he replied to me:

IBM is serious about making products work, not just collecting money from customers and issuing maintenance release 12-18 month later like Microsoft.

He gets it, when will your CXO's?


  1. See, My CEO is still waiting for us to be on QuickR 8.2......but IBM is still working on fixing the installer for AIX. That PMR has been opened since 8.2 got released.

    I simply can't upgrade my QuickR env.!

  2. I haven't installed it on our AIX because we took it offline and no one wanted to bring it back up...except me.
    So much for boldly going where noone has gone before.
    Might have to hire new admins.