Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Take your (Dogear)Bookmarks with you

Surely by now everyone has done this and I have just been lazy.
But after reading Luis Suarez's post, I felt I must do it, what if the servers crash, lose my data, how will I survive?!

So off I went to Openntf.org to look into this great tool called, Bookmark Viewer for IBM Lotus Connections Dogear.

Now I am not a big Connections user internally, mostly externally, but as I have posted in various places, this is nice to get all in one spot.

Thank you to Hanspeter Jochmann who created it and posted it and included a very nice PDF to go with it so your users could get it up and running in a minute or 2.

Oddly enough you can download it without registering at Openntf so enjoy.

One caveat, which I am working on, it only synchs from one location. So I synched my Bleedyellow items, but I also have Greenhouse, Paxos, BP, Internal/External clients servers to push out/pull from.


  1. Hi Keith,

    I had the same idea after I read Luise blog entry ;-)
    Thanks for adding it to the openNTF project database.
    My idea was even to allow one entry for more then one server. This would help to keep links in sync in multiple connection servers.


  2. I agree and happy to test it if you will add this functionality.
    Of course then it's up to me which gets public to which site but that's a small price to pay.

  3. Hi Keith! Thanks a lot for the heads up and for dropping by on my blog post on this very topic. It's great to see you have ventured as well into giving this very useful a good try and see how it goes! I am liking it quite a bit so far and it surely has made my job easier helping me manage my bookmarks. I just wish there would be other databases to access various other Connections components. That would be really cool, wouldn't it? ;-) hehe

    Thanks much for spreading the word around and speak soon!