Monday, August 17, 2009

Why isn't email like a Wii game?

Maybe it is and we just don't realize it.

How often do you wish you could turn your Excel spreadsheet into Flight simulator still?

Or that Domino did things like this. Or you prefer the Quickplace Quips?

Seriously, why isn't email fun? Why does it have to be a textual based item? Why can't it be more graphical and, shall we say, personal?

True, if sending external to one's organization it usually MUST be textual, but internally, why MUST it always be text?

Where is the LEGO font, imagine typing in colored bricks :-)(Warren I bet has this or something similar)

Network bandwidth abuse aside(surely the problem could be resolved) sending html emails is not exactly what I had in mind.

Think of postcards, remember those things you used to purchase from a tourist shop and send back home or to friends with the whole back of the card written on, upwards, downwards, in circles, sqaured, in prose, in colors well you get the idea.

IM is like this with the emoticons, why can't email?

And email is a game, hide and seek, usually.

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