Monday, August 17, 2009

Lotus Notes Traveler Common Directory Questions

While I have been using Traveler for some time now and enjoy it, a few items have come to our Inbox and as others ask, here is the number one requested item.

Client asks why they can't do lookups on their Corporate directory.
Great question! Technote #1376605 says it all when it says:
There are currently no plans to add such a feature in Notes Traveler 8.x.
Although an enhancement request has been submitted.

A sub-question is about LDAP look ups. Technote #1306641 which says:
Lotus Notes Traveler does not support using corporate LDAP, Global Address List (GAL), or Domino Directory email address lookup. Email addresses can only be pulled from the personal address book local on the device.

The work around is to copy any people you need (not a perfect solution) to your local PNAB and that gets synched to your phone. This works fine in a small company, but how do you do it when you are in a 1,000 person company? Could copy everyone over but some phones would hit memory limits.


  1. This is the only complaint I have about Traveler, but it is a big one. I have a client that was using Commontime for Windows Mobile devices, and it was able to do lookups into the NAB. When I switched them to Traveler we were quite shocked that Traveler couldn't do the same.

  2. Agreed entirely, not in 8.x stream?!

  3. >> There are currently no plans to add such a feature in Notes Traveler 8.x.

    As always, half baked!!

  4. I guess it was in the plan according to an early presentation i found.

    Check slide 12...

    My pylon-users had that functionality and complains when moved to Traveler.


  5. Anders, that is an excellent point, what happened to it?

  6. Thanks for the information. One thing that should be noted, a directory lookup IS available for iPhone/Traveler. See

  7. David, at the time and still today, only the iPhone has global directory lookup(without Mobile connect involved).