Friday, August 7, 2009

IBM, where is the versions page?

Often we get asked what version is IBM up to for Quickr or Domino, or well, everything.

It seems to me that if IBM wants people to really know about Lotus they should also make it easy for customers to recognize how behind they just might be in their infrastructure. Yes these customers are out there.

Some will argue other companies don't do this why should IBM?

I would counter just because others don't do it, doesn't mean we as customers don't need it. We'd be using it weekly if not daily.

Hopefully someone out there can prove me wrong and there exists such a page, for Lotus specific items or any IBM products that could be copied for Lotus ones.

I'd like to see a simple page, like the IBM Software Support Lifecycle page that informs which versions are ending and when.

But instead of end of life, it would be updated (probably weekly or so) to show product name, version, General release date, this should also include fix packs and updates as well so one can decide if they need to update. Links to the locations would be helpful too, where appropriate.

Perhaps putting this mixed with Fix Central is a good idea.

Just something I was thinking about which doesn't really fit any place on yet.

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