Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Domino Admins Know more than

Almost any other Admins on Earth.

Why? Because we have to and we do it all while ensuring our servers are built to withstand whatever you customers can throw at it. And do we ever get thanked for it? Training for it? Respected at salary review time?

So pity those pathetic Microsoft Exchange admins that just need to understand this year's version of AD and other peculiarities of security.

Your average Domino Administrator may know any, all or most of these items:

  1. Java, Oracle, SAP, SQL, DB2, Websphere/WAS (they will soon if not)
  2. Telecom - Everything from running cables to QoS and even configuring your Cisco routers and wireless gateways.
  3. BES, Good and god knows how many devices they need to support
  4. LDAP, SSL, SSO, POP3, IMAP, MAPI, SMTP, H.323, T.120
  5. TCP/IP, IPX(yes, still), Netbios, Host tables and Firewalls
  6. Modems, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  7. DOS, OS/2, Novell, Windows, AIX, OS/400, Mac, Linux, Mainframe, maybe even Cobol
  8. Lotus products, Microsoft Products, Google products, Novell products, Social media apps, Firefox, Safari, Opera
  9. Updated: Anti-virus and anti-spam products, filtering/rules, blacklisting, whitelisting, journaling, archiving, Clustering, DNS, Backups/restores, Policies (user/group/domain)
  10. So much more from Business Continuity/Disaster Planning to paper reduction and power consumption and how to reduce your licensing costs with Microsoft.
  11. Some even develop their own applications for your company

So the next time you think you know what your admins do, remember they make your world better every day.

See you in Chicago at MWLUG.


  1. Well said, and I bet the list could be longer.

  2. It could be, everyone is welcome to give me some more I forgot or should add.

  3. Anti-virus and anti-spam products, filtering/rules, blacklisting, whitelisting, journaling, archiving. Clustering. DNS. Backups/restores. Policies (user/group/domain). Windows Administration (and/or iseries, Linux, etc.)

    And, like you said, if your admin also does appdev, a whole lot more...

    Thanks for the validating post!

  4. Maria,
    Thanks, I forgot the core Domino items, will update the post.
    More, More