Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Findings #2 - Lotus Knows or Does it?

By now many of us have been involved in the IBM run Lotus Knows Ideajam which is running on Elguji's Ideajam product.

If you as a customer, reader, Lotus lover or even a Microsoft or Google employee haven't been there it is filled with interesting ideas.

At the time of writing this, there are:
842 ideas | voted 15253 times | 1887 comments

Which on one hand sounds great, on the other hand sounds small.

The voting is interesting, though skewed in favor of ideas that have comments or votes leaving some potential good ideas, which may have been posted in the early hours or overnight left off the chart.

Of course IBM will review all the postings because Lotus Knows sometimes a Mashup of ideas is really what will work, take a piece here a piece there.

The idea with the most votes is not something new, but it's obviously something we all feel very strong about. With currently over 275 votes is to get Lotus software into students hands around the globe.

Personally I am watching to see if I have the #1 demoted idea. So far at -40 it's doing well. I don't mind, it gives me something to discuss at MWLUG next week, but I did like the Yellow Netbooks idea.

Interesting how so many developer/application ideas get large votes, could there be an abundance of developers voting?

Hello fellow admins, where are you?

The next step should be interesting, the video and ad mockups submissions which will show everyone's creativity to try to beat the current IBM advertising companies ads.

After all the time we asked for IBM to change, they are listening and trying something new so it's up to everyone to give advice and be part of the change, one person or group of people can not do it alone, it does take a Yellowverse.

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