Wednesday, August 26, 2009

8.5.1 Domino, Sametime & Quickr running on one Netbook

Traveler too I might add and DOLS.
ST 8.0.2, Quickr 8.2 rest 851.

Late at night your brain goes silly, but thank you for this post from not long ago with the entries I needed to keep it all working for my MWLUG demo.


Oh and this configuration is not approved or recommended and IBM will not support it.

I on the other hand just might. Will test it all some more but so far so good.


  1. I always wondered if this was possible. We used to run Notes 5 and Quickplace on the same server. How cool would it be if this was supported by IBM? I imagine there would be an upper limit on the amount of users but for a small outfit (say up to 50 people) how much cheaper would this be than the equivalent Microsoft offering.

    Lotusknows you can do more with less.... :-)

  2. John, Yes running multiple programs on one Domino instance is a key ideal, not likely to happen, but some things just can be done, and in some cases must.
    This is merely for a demo, interesting to see if i can make it strong enough to run everything properly.

  3. How did you authenticate from ST and Quickr to Domino ? I'm assuming that you did NOT use LDAP, as that's tough to configure as both client AND server on one Domino box, without using multiple IP addresses or multiple network adapters ?

  4. I did not use LDAP, although I had planned to. It is possible to do on a single machine but requires forethought, especially for Sametime installs which can be finicky when edited after the fact.