Monday, August 3, 2009

2 Domino Add-ins That you may not have heard of

While searching for a graphic for my slides I came across these 2 references to Domino/Notes add-in tasks.

Anyone have the code from them? Especially the 2nd one would be nice to use.

Signing on with Domino Remote:DISPLAY

In Focus with Domino.Remote:CAM

Dear Iris, please come out and play again, we miss teh sandbox we all used to play in.


  1. Keith: the downloads are still there. If you can't find them, gimme a yell; I have the code

  2. Mick, i tried to follow the links but they went dead for me.
    drop me an email, or ar eyou on ST?

  3. Love this line about the Cam -

    "Place the camera in your lab so you can view a servers CRT at home".

    Probably a cutting edge concept back then :-)

  4. Remote access using a webcam, that is different all right.
    I do recall OS/2 had a remote program, I think it was called dcaf which we used in the era of 94-97 or so.
    But this program i thought would be interesting given now we have digital cameras with 1000's of photos and maybe this would be a nice way to work with them.