Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sametime on a Blackberry Installation Docs

I recently edited a manual, well more a guide, for those who were lost or troubled by the Sametime on a Blackberry client.
Most of the doucment is culled from RIM and IBM support with my edits and additions were applicable along qith key information about versions of clients for which BES versions.

Note this is for the Sametime client from RIM itself. NOT the Lotus Mobile Sametime client.

For those interested in the document or wanting to download it, we will ask for your name, so you are forewarned! I'd like to see the interest for future ideas or topics for papers.
Make sure you say you heard about it from my blog or Twitter or PlanetLotus or whatever makes sense. Maybe this will become a Lotusphere case study if I have enough replies.

Go here to get it.

OK, some of you might be lazy or need incentives, so this is what is inside:

BlackBerry® Client for IBM® Lotus® Sametime® v2.0/2.1 - New Features
Requirements for using the BlackBerry Enterprise Instant Messaging for IBM Lotus Sametime
How to deploy BlackBerry Instant Messaging for IBM Lotus Sametime Clients
For BES software version 4.1 Service Pack 3 and earlier
Task 1 - Create a Network Path
Task 2 - Make Applications Available
Task 3 - Create a Software Configuration for IBM Lotus Sametime
Task 4 - Assign the Software Configuration through a USB Cable
Task 5 - Assign the Software Configuration Wirelessly
Pushing Applications to one User at a Time (4.1.5 and newer)
Miscellaneous Information about Setup/Install
Error 302 appears when logging into BlackBerry Instant Messaging for IBM Lotus Sametime
BlackBerry Enterprise Server IP address not trusted by Sametime Server
BlackBerry Instant Messaging Icon is Missing
BlackBerry Instant Messaging for IBM Lotus Sametime cannot be Pushed Wirelessly to Newer BlackBerry Smartphone Models
BlackBerry Enterprise Instant Messaging Client and Server Compatibility by Version of Client and BES Server



  1. I have always used the Sametime Mobile client on my Blackberry. Can you describe why you use the BB client?

  2. Excellent question David!
    The answer is clients want it.
    Just kidding.

    The reasons that come to mind are VPN/Security and tracking of discussions. Also it's much easier to move BES users to a different ST server than it is Sametime mobile clients. BES has one line for the ST server, change it and poof, everyone logs in to the new server.
    Sametime Mobile I have to reconfigure the user's phone. Policies may take care of this in R8.x would need to verify.

    If you use the Mobile Connect option then you have a VPN and you are good to go.

    "The Blackberry version sets up an encrypted tunnel to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, which then proxies communications to the IM services. This provides a managed and secure IM session, whether using enterprise IM or a service provider system. Because communications funnel through the BES, RIM can provide a complete audit trail and secure communications between BES and client."

    I couldn't say it better myself.

    Last paragraph pulled from this article:

  3. I want a guide like this for ST Mobile.
    I have a PMR open to find out how to deploy the software(not just deploying the settings)...

  4. I can help you with ST mobile. Not sure why you have a PMR on it.
    The docs are fairly straight forward and there are multipel ways to accomplsih it.
    Email me and we can discuss it.