Friday, August 22, 2008

FudBuster #3: Exchange is Free and how they got 100 million MOSS licenses

"And that's why we are migrating away from Lotus." Cost

Right, and I have a bridge in Miami for you.

They say honesty is the best policy, but Microsoft does their best to not change your perception's of the truth, even if you are wrong.

Yes, I have discussed this many times in the past, but let's do this simply.

In order for your company to obtain EXACTLY what you already have in the Lotus Notes Client and Lotus Domino Server you will need the following items(NOT Including the OS):

1) Exchange Server 2007
2) Exchange Server Standard CAL 2007
3) Exchange Server Enterprise CAL 2007 which is a 2nd CAL you MUST buy if you want the added items for the RIGHTS to use Unified Messaging, Journaling, Compliancy(?), "Premium" Anti-Spam and Anti-virus. Hopefully better than what goes into MSN/Hotmail Live. Some of this is built in to Domino by default.
4) Office Groove 2007 - Similar to the teamroom template but in equating Like to Like it must be added.
5) Office 2007 - One version or another which is the only way to obtain an Outlook client. Most larger companies will be swayed into buying the Office Enterprise 2007 version which includes #4, the first of the "look what you get for free" discussions plus pieces of other Microsoft products you are not likely to use or hear from in the future.
6) Outlook 2007 requires the Core CAL Suite if you will access Exchange but this CAL also includes Sharepoint Server 2007 CAL and thus one insight to how Microsoft claims to have sold 100 Million licenses Which this articles shows is a $10/CAL 1billion/100million.
7) Enterprise CAL Suite is what you REALLY require since it includes among other bits, the ability to encrypt messaging traffic generated through emails and instant messages. Buying this includes #6 so another "look what you get for free or included" discussion.

Now if you are a small shop you may only need some of these and if you are a large enterprise I have a longer list of what you need or rather what Microsoft says you need.

If you are contemplating the move to Exchange, or your Enterprise renewal is coming up, think about it and if you need more information, just ask. Remember, it was someone else's over payments to Microsoft which allowed them to bid for Yahoo! at $44 Billion in CASH! Don't make their mistake.


  1. A good document

    MS Vs Notes portfolio


  2. JYR,
    Thanks for the link, 2003 version but same old story...5 years later!
    ISSL can put out good docs when they want to and are allowed.

  3. I'm seeing the same plan of attack at the moment.

    They seem to push 60% of the feature set at 70% of the price, and then offer the missing bits as very costly "upgrades" (Costly, because they are ill fitting in the architecture, especially when the talk is on cloud-based vs. on premises).

  4. Lars, Somethings never change. MS still does business the same way.