Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lotus Collaboration Game?! on Linkedin!

IBM and Collaboration fun on Linkedin

IBM has a submlimnal ad which looks like this on the Linkedin pages.

It will takle you over to this page where bless their heart they want people to register on the site. BUT they also include a link for those who don't want to register. That's cool!
Unfortunately it lied. The next screen asks you to fill in all this information, now granted most of us already have an IBM ID.
Follow the path and it's different from the other things we have seen lately. Aimed at Connections, Quickr, Sametime and Domino so a nice one, could do without the British guy(cardiff perhaps?) narrating though.


  1. If they wrote "..with this fun, interactive demo." instead of "..with this fun, interactive demo from IBM.", I guess there would be about 50% more clicks. IBM logo to the right is enough to inform the users about the source of the ad. And there shouldn't be any login required at all. I have a login id, but they don't give enough incentives for me to spend 10 seconds for logging in.

  2. Andrei,
    I understand your thoughts and mine were not far off either. If it's learnign for fun then let peopel see it and ask about it after don't force them to login so to speak first.