Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lotusphere Bloggers Lounge

Yes, that's right, a lounge just for us and other bloggers known or unknown to
If someone from Lotus or the Lotusphere team would like to discuss plans for it with me, please contact me.
Some of us met last year or in year's gone by.
Some of us never met.

What if we had a room/space dedicated for our usage, similar to the media room but with better furntiure, desks, lamps, couches, drinks, tech toys(sponsors love us) and other amenities?

We could arrange various times to be open or have set hours when one or more of us is live there. Hard I know when we are either mannign a pedestal, in sessions, speaking, meeting with customers, but something we could all use for sure.
Especially those of us, like me, not staying on the swan or dolphin site.

Or open to anything which you think makes sense as well. Mini sessions from each of us on the future? Press opps?

Input is expected and encouraged from all of you.


  1. I proposed a similar idea right after LS08. Lots of people commented on it. Ed Brill took over the idea, and lots of people commented there as well. Here's the link:

  2. Theo,
    My apologies for not linking to your original post.
    So we should ask Ed what's up then?

  3. Theo and on Ed's site covered a lot, but no one committed to it.
    I want to commit to it, but am looking for help in arranging it. Prefer with IBM interest/sponsorship(i.e. a space location) but failing that I am looking for corporates to assist.