Thursday, August 7, 2008

Domino.Doc Migration to Quickr

Apologies to Jelan H. and the other IBMers working on Domino.Doc's future, my client can't wait any longer. If you have an update, let me know.

As those who follow my Twitter path know the last 2 weeks I have been building Lotus Quickr servers. One for a client, one for a client migrating from Domino.Doc.

The migration is being helped by Content Integrator which is a really cool tool which can also help move your Sharepoint data to Quickr. Anyone that needs it, email me and we can discuss the project.

One downside to the tool is you need to think like a developer, which for us Admins is never easy. However it comes with some examples and I was able to run a test finally that made sense. But when I ran it on a live cabinet it did nothing.
But I am close and just need to play with it some more.

Sad to see .Doc go, been with it since Beta and taught many IBMers how to install and manage it in it's early days, but without a version that runs on R8 among other items, it is time to go wholly into Quickr. We love Quickr, especially now that automated hotfix's are coming out. And quickr integrates so well into Sametime, Notes 8, Windows Explorer, MS Office that it's a wonder anyone using Quickplace hasn't upgraded yet.

Closing in on our 6th major Quickr upgrade/Install and more work to be found. One client we put on Quickplace last year is going to ugrade soon and that is excellent!


  1. Great post. Loved your "One downside to the tool is you need to think like a developer, which for us Admins is never easy." comment. How true...

    Glad to hear that Quickr is going so well for you, we're seeing the same here in the UK - a terrific take up rate, and some really interesting projects on the go. Long may it continue.

  2. The life of an admin is never easy, everyone wants you to be a developer.
    Do they ask plumbers to design skyscrapers or architects on plumbing?