Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Waiting is the hardest part...and most expensive!

Seen Tom and the boys in London on the short lived Echo Tour, among others

You say Lotus is a Legacy solution? Are we that old?

What about Exchange? Well you waited nearly 4 years for an update, was it worth it? You spent 5 years of Software Assurance money with Microsoft and now you wonder how they could afford to buy Yahoo!?!

Outlook also you waited 4 years. IE as well.

You waited 6 years for Vista since XP emerged.

Forgot about Sharepoint, an excellent chart is found here, hopefully IBM SWAT has seen this.
Yep, almost 4 years past.

See a pattern? And on the Lotus side we have seen since 2003 release 6.5 and R7 in 2005 with R8 in 2007 materialize which averages out to a new version every 2 years and in some cases, split stream updates/revisions/addons and enhancements happenned twice a year.

So who is the legacy solution and why do you or your clients think it isn't Microsoft?


  1. You know what, I hadn't realized that!!! Thanks for bringing it up to my attention. I'm going to add this to my arsenal when talking to my customers!!

  2. Luis,
    glad to hear. The Sharepoint graphic alone is worth seeing, try to explain it to a customer :-)

  3. The Sharepoint graphic is utterly nonsensical. It's impossible to explain because it doesn't actually say anything. I could make a graphic showing IBM's acquisitions since 1999 and make it similarly pointless.

  4. I'm not defending Sharepoint, I'm saying your example is impossible to explain because it's utterly pointless. Not because Sharepoint is a half-baked product (which it is) but because there is no context to the graphic and it appears to be completely random.

  5. Charles,
    Yes, looking at the chart is hard, but really it is not much different than many other MS products.
    But the point was to show the time frames and basis on products which people don't know about.
    Some people can use that slide and provide some benefit of showing the half baked side.
    Not sure what IBM has bought since 99 that goes into Domino itself.
    Ubigue for Sametime, and some small items but nothing major comes to mind.
    But I would like to see a similar picture for Domino, SWAT team any ideas?