Monday, August 11, 2008

BES 4.1.6 further update on Domino Conflicts

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In a previous post from July 29th I discussed the work around to resolving the broken Traveler and Sametime.
What you don't know is the details about it.

Yes the INI setting is the problem.

It basically stops all servlets. RIM informed me they would document the change in noets.ini and warn people about it. RIM suggests people NOT load anything else on their BES box. Those of you in big companies have no problem with this.
SMB have a problem. Running their Domino server as their mail and SMTP server with Sametime on it, Traveler and BES is how they do it.
According to RIM support this is not a sanctioned installation. However, as I discussed With them, if they don't say you CAN'T do it, people will do it. Even if you say so, they will still try :-)

Without the notes.ini line added, RIM claims you will see performance hits and degradation due to how the new server handles HTML emails. With under 10 people on a box I will take my chances, usually once a client gets over 25 on a BES I suggest they build a new box for it by itself.

RIM support, in case you never called them, is really great and never lets me down no matter how odd the problem is (waiting on call back about pushing the new clients out if you are reading from RIM support), IBM support is better, only because in this case they had the test infrastructure to figure out the issue, which was undocumented by RIM at the time.
Always helpful, full of information and willing to listen to your thoughts, many other companies should contact RIM and find out how to fix their service side.

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