Thursday, May 1, 2008

Series P Brought to you by the letters A..I..X

As some know, my mission for the last few months was to upgrade a P series/AIX box to Domino R801. I will refer to it as an AIX box because that's how old it is.
And I think P series was a lousy name for a product which excellent brand recognition.

What you may not know is I am not a Unix person, sure I have installed Domino all over on everything, but one really needs to use this everyday to remember it all. If you must know I prefer AS/400's and Mainframes but bread and butter is Windows.

So I put it off while looking into more details. We did move the files there and install it, but it never took.

So as our machine comes to a halt figured it was time to do it again.

First stop? OS. Seems it is not the latest version and Domino threw a warning that we needed to update it.
Fine, go to IBM's site, locate a download spot for AIX, fill in the version, and it gives me what I need.

1.5GB of download updates.

Yes, 1.5GB, so let it run, then when done need to ftp it to the AIX box.

After some miscommunication with passwords of the root user I was able to install all 315 or so patches.

Decided I was too tired to install Domino now. Will do it tomorrow.
I have now relearned more about AIX than I remember and you know what, it feels good to do something different for a change.

Next up, Sametime integration with Quickr after rebuilding the Sametime cluster.
The fun never ends.

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