Monday, May 19, 2008

What is the Life Expectancy of Corporate IT Staff?

In working on some numbers it occurred to me that what if my, or your, life as a Business Partner or even as an internal IT person is about to end?

Seriously, what do I or others have to offer you Mr./Mrs. Customer once you have outsourced your IT to the all knowing Borg, I mean "The Cloud".

RIM is already half way there, you COULD let them handle all your BES.

Now IBM and Google claim they want to take you higher in the Cloud.
Of course Microsoft does their "me too" until they realized they can't buy the cloud, they thought Yahoo had some ownership int he cloud evidenlty.

Is it all a smoke screen from the big guys because they just don't know what to say next?

Where do you go after the Cloud? Why do you go there?

Is this the Mainframe cycle in modern times?

So you outsourced everything, now what? What stops the company from outsourcing you, the CIO or CTO or CSO or whatever you may be.

In short, I'm thinking a run as CEO in a larger company than I am now would be more helpful than anything else.

Anyone else have a theory?

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