Tuesday, May 6, 2008

TwitTime - Sametime acts like Twitter

Twitter, for those that don't know is a microblogging site or a simple updater or a virtual water coller or perhaps just a persistent chat room.

Lotus Sametime can do this and act like this as well, but you get added benefits of a secure IM session, encrypted, saved chats and a Persistent chat room, using Sametime Advanced.

Would a persistent chat room help you or your organization? Yes it would.

As a virtual water cooler, it can act as a place for out of office people or home workers to convene and meet up with the office staff.
Why is this different from normal chat or IM? Because everyone is in on it not just 2 or 3+ people.

So if you like Twitter and what it can do for you, your clients, customers and especially employees, ask me or your Lotus rep/Business Partner about how Sametime can help you today accomplish the same, if not more, productivity in a secure way.

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