Thursday, May 8, 2008

Exchange 2000 lives for at least 25%, Go Get them now!

Now how do I find these people?

From a sales perspective, the Exchange 2000 Server base is the “low-hanging fruit”
for upgrade opportunity for the following reasons:

• Mainstream support ended for Exchange 2000 Server on January 10, 2006. Extended support continues until 2011.
• According to an Osterman Research report, Exchange 2000 Server represents 25% of the Microsoft Exchange installed base.
• SA has likely expired (or is nonexistent) for Exchange 2000 Server customers, so the revenue upside is larger to move these accounts.
• Exchange 2000 Server customers are more likely to have fully depreciated their existing hardware or be close to the end of manufacturer’s support.

Courtesy of this site from a document they have available on upgarding to Exchange 2007.

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