Monday, May 26, 2008

Lotus Notes Installs, nothing but clicking Enter

123 get out of my way here comes the master installer. Yes I can and will script your install so all we need to do is click Enter after setup.exe.

Well not exactly, still neede to find the file and password.
Now, this causes some clients problems.
Why do we need a password and ID file.
You don't need one to setup Outlook, or so I was told, once you log on.

There's the rub, the fact that you logged in to the PC under Windows lets you in all over the place. And naturally lets anyone else in too everytime you walk away from yoru machine.

So it's not that you are not logging in, you are just logging in a 2nd time. And if a PC support guy needs your id and password to do this, that could be a breach of security.

How do you get around this conundrum?

Smartupgrade for one.
Also the active use of incremental updates is second, if not part of the same solution.

By using incremental installers you should be able to update the underlying Notes code without a user id or password. This has nto always been the case so I will not say across the board every incremental does it, but most do.

Still not happy, then you need to see or hear about what's coming in 8.5 and be happy that you may not have this problem much longer. I could tell you more but NDA stops it. If you went to a Lotusphere Comes to You event you saw or heard about it.

On my way to a client in California, Sacramento and will discuss this more after I get their installs moving.


  1. Hi Keith, I am sorry to say that the installation of the 8.x Lotus Notes Client is not as good as in previous releases. I´ve seen a lot of eclipse java class errors (even on Lenovo (IBM) machines). Regards.

  2. I can't say you are wrong or right. What I will say is it's a new client with new packaging and it does require your hardware and related software be up to date.
    Before I do installs I make sure all Windows updates are installed, java updates and anything else which may be of usage.
    The Eclipse version of the client can be more tricky than the vanilla basic client install.