Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Presenting Lotus Connections and dead silence

Today was the LCTY Miami event and for those who have not seen it yet, it covers the main points of Sametime, Quickr, Lotus Notes & Domino, Lotus Forms, Portal and Connections.
The IBMers in attendance and presenting were very helpful and Brian did a great job of demoing some items I could not(especially around Sametime UC).
Lotus911 was the sponsor and Jeff Kridder, Lotus911 COO, tagged me to present 3 sessions, Sametime, Quickr, Connections.

We had 20+ people attend and some lively discussion especially around MAC support.

In an interesting display of knowledge, when Jeff or I asked about Connections we got nothing. No one had seen or heard of it, or even looked into it.

A strange insight to what included 5 of the top companies based in South Florida.

What are they thinking about? How could we help them and let them know more? Perhaps I had failed in some way to keep people updated on developments at Lotus. As it turns out few had attended Lotusphere 2008 which also explains quite a bit.

Those of us NOT in a corporate setting can forget just how focused one can be when involved in the day to day of a business.

However more telling was that in a mix of admins, developers and business line or management no one had even tried to play with it or create a skunk works project.
What ever happenned to wanting to see what's new? Or having test labs for creative play time?
Maybe Google gets this one right, people should spend some part of their day on something not related to their primary task and see what comes from it.

I still get excited by new code, even if I can't always get it or load it immediately.

When did everyone else stop getting excited by this?


  1. I think that the reception that Quickr and Connections got in Cleveland could be best described as "lukewarm." Really, I don't think that many, outside of the Lotus faithful, know what is going on in with Lotus.

    Talking about attending Lotusphere 2008; I attended a session that was presented by two attendees to their corporate peers that didn't go. At the end, I asked: Where is Lotus Mashups? Lotus Foundations? Quickr? Connections? Atlantic? RIM/IBM Announcements?

    The response? "We didn't attend those sessions."

    I had to point out that they were all announced at the OGS!


  2. We did hit all of the announced topics, and Quickr had some serious companies using it(I set them up in 2 cases).
    I didn't do the keynote which included th OGS items and some newer announcments.