Monday, May 12, 2008

Foolish Mortals

We interrupt the usual blog postings for another "what was he thinking" technical/marketing effort by this author.

While attempting to gain access to a hallowed grooup of individuals which requires a vote of acceptance and possibly some other almost secret society mischief, I was dumbfounded to find our website had been hijacked.

By me! And Google Anlaytics.

He was the first to let me know he had issues with my site, this was on my cell email so I couldn't see everything he sent me.

As soon as I could get on a PC I looked up our site, and sure enough, it was not our homepage. Argh!

Eventually realized the "tests" we were doing with Google had hijacked our site so badly no one could get past the first page.

Resolved the immediate problem. Now need to resolve the secondary pages.
The moral of the story is never mess with your homepage, it is a God.

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