Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Middle Initials? Not in Traveler?

While I tend to prefer sticking to other topics. Many readers knwo I love being mobile and especially enjoy using Sametime Mobile and Traveler from the 8.0.1 package.
So my quest for help has met no answers so I ask all of you this question:

If you receive notes mails on your phone(windows mobile 5)with a middle initial in the name, example: "James T. Kirk", in our case it is coming in as "James T.Kirk" with no space after the middle initial's period.

Thus when you reply, the lookup on Domino directory is invalid and you get a dead message error email.

Perhaps it is a configuration issue we have made but as it started to happen out of the blue I am not sure.

The implication is Domino is forwarding the email incorrectly. It arrives fine in my notes client inbox, just not on my phone.

Anyone with similar experience or pointer to resolve it let me know.
In the meantime I took out the middle initials of users names and that resolved the immediate problem.

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