Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Girl Scout Cookies at Lotusphere

No, not an IBM sponsored.
This is from my daughter Noffiya's Brownie troop and they are selling the cookies.
Last year a few people asked about it but it was too late to order and she asked me if my friends would buy any this year.

This year we have time to order whatever you want and bring them up to Lotusphere and deliver them to your hotel or a set time/place to find me for them.

So if you are coming from overseas and want to bring something unique home for your kids, spouse, significant other or just to eat on the plane, let me know if you want any.

So like any good Lotus person would, I made a simple xpages app to take your order. It does not add up and total the orders, so if anyone wants to tinker with my design let me know. I am an admin after all.

They are $4 a box, you can pay in cash at Lotusphere.

The site will be taken down the day before Lotusphere.