Friday, August 7, 2009

FUD Buster Friday #52 - Enough Already

This is the end, beautiful friend, the end. - Jim Morrison

Some of these have been fun, others serious, some more detailed than imagined, others off topic but usually back to Lotus and business.

A whole year of these postings!

Some people ask for more business arguments and the truth is I am involved in some weekly and probably should write more about them,perhaps I will in the next few weeks.

With some advances in IBM Marketing, namely the "Lotus Knows" upcoming campaign among other initiatives from within IBM, and externally, I decided it's time to move along and find something else to write about.

There are some new areas I want to focus on and they are more about business than technical so that may be one direction as well. Also if Elguji ever lets us use IQJam, I may start posting more technical posts there so this stays more focused.

So thanks for reading, the future may have some other topics that become weeklies, after we return to Florida next week.