Monday, August 1, 2011

A Tale of 2 Companies Social Media

Both companies are large multinational entities, one is larger than the other but after a few 100 million what's a the difference right?

Corp A  recognizes they have a left hand doesn't talk to the right hand mentality and is doing something about it.
Corp B may recognize it but does little about it.

So when Corp A has sales people or support people drop the ball and someone posts about it on Facebook or Twitter or their blog or in Google + or as a comment on someone else's postings, there is someone on the other end of the company finding these comments and trying to right the wrong.

Corp B may not have time for this and believes they are too large too fail or have not thought of the idea that indeed one can have 2 or more sides to every line of business and function.

The better way would be to have the left and right hands compare notes on the clients or projects and look to clear those issues better next time. Also perhaps the problem lies in the statistics that are tracked which lead to incorrect presumptions and misdirections of blame.

What do you do to protect your entities name and customer service?
Who is trolling the internet looking for people ranting or praising your company?
Do you have people that can balance these issues and right the wrong? Have you given authority, as The Ritz Carlton does?
As a business owner, it is your job to apologize, if the escalation continues to your level.

Can you do it? Do you? I have apologized to clients over the years more times than I can remember. Sometimes over little things, sometimes big things, but own up to your mistakes and you will save a client and win them over or back to your side. New clients are very expensive to acquire, if you can at all.

A lost client is not just a revenue loss, it is an annuity that you will never get back.

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