Friday, August 26, 2011

Fud Buster Friday #65: Name Changing Works

So many companies tout their collaboration and social business solutions as though they are unique. Naturally they never bring up the path that led them to be this way.

And why not? Do you discuss every teacher, class, game or boss that shaped you? Yet, do you go around saying you are better than your teachers or mentors?

But that is not how business works. Business works on bludgeoning the competition or ignoring it entirely. Stay focused on your product, your goals, the competition? Who has time for them anyway?

Is there a right or wrong way? Probably not. But if you represent that original patent or technology or solution, why not use that to your advantage? Why shy away from a robust history in favor of a shallow existence?

History is filled with companies and products that experienced renaissance's, and yours is just as likely to do so. Look at Apple, Nokia, IBM, Vespa, Harley Davdison, Fender, GM, Ford and The Mini car(too many corporate owners to list). Each of these companies went through down times as well as up times, in many cases still doing the same thing they always did, sometimes without changing anything except management.

Would a Stratocaster be as cherished if it was called something else? Perhaps. But even the off models had their fans. The look and feel are retro, but GM, Dodge, Ford all have iconic brands with loyal fans that are just happy the Camaro or Hemi returned.

Even Fiat has, after 20 something years returned to the US to sell their cars. Hope springs eternal..

Talk about the rich traditions, bring up the history, impress upon customers your depth of experience and integration, your seamless integration or your Web 2.0 coolness. Just don't think changing your name will be an elixir by itself, change your attitude, your management or its style and you too may have a renaissance.

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