Thursday, August 25, 2011

2,670 Attempts in 11 minutes

Hackers still trying to break in using LDAP on one of our web facing Domino Servers.

If you do not use DDM on your public side servers, you may be missing hackers attempts.

This was from 2:30 am EST to 2:41am EST an average of 243 attempts per minute or 4 a second.

My phone was not happy for a little while as DDM sends me alarms for security failed login attempts.

Maybe there should be a LDAP attempt block lockout, like user logins get blocked if they fail to login properlyh after x number of times.

If you think so, go vote at Ideajam, someone posted this over 2 years ago!

Expanding Domino Web Lockout feature to work with LDAP

Idea Author: Bosco D'Souza40 on 12 Apr 2009
Status: Open

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