Friday, August 5, 2011

Fud Buster Friday #62: What if They are Right?

The ever popular, They, do everything. They go on vacation, They went out last night, They are on Twitter or Google+.

But when it comes down to knowing what is good for your company, what do They really know?

Do They understand the multinational language issues? Or do They really support every mobile device as they claim...even the ones not available in the US?

What about when the sales people come in to let you know all about how Others(a euphemism for They) have taken up with the new Macguffin and their world is amazing now. They save money, They have less headaches, They have moved forward, They are better than you.


I understand there is a method to this sales madness, and in truth it works for some people on both sides of the fence. But does it really work in a modern world of social business?

If we believe what we hear or read, again from Others, then people ask Others for advice and look to their peers for more insight and gauge which way the wind is blowing.

But what if the wind is blowing from Florin or towards Guilder? How does one know which way to go? Are the new 2.0 companies truly on par with the big boys? Are the big boys really in the know?

Does it really make a difference which solution you choose for your company in the long run?

Sometimes, it does.
Is it because They told you so and it worked somehow?
Or did You knew what you needed and went after it and found a company that listened to You.

They don't care about your company usually.

Find a vendor who cares about you and not just your license or services revenue, this passion is what They are usually missing.

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