Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mac Quirk in Notes Clients?

At a client site that has not been updated to 852fp3 yet from fp2, one person using a Mac started having problems sending emails to everyone. Almost everyone is on 852fp2 clients, some home users may not be although SmartUpgrade is running.

We started seeing Word docs attached with the odd extension of .doc.hqx.

When I asked around got some funny answers but yes this is an up to date Mac user and Notes clients and server. We still have no idea what changed, or when, but here are some things to think about.

Windows XP machines could not read the doc using Office 2003, Windows 7 using Office 2007 was fine. This led me to believe it was a MS update that broke something, but who knows exactly.

There are 2 different things to do for this, the 1st checks a basic setting, the second resolved it this time.

1) Go to Edit Current Location>> click on advanced tab >> then click MIME Settings >> choose for Outbound attachment encoding method: Base 64
>> choose for Outbound Macintosh attachment conversion: BinHex 4.0

2) My good friend Michelangelo Gambacorta owner of Amiura in Italy and the US posted in the Domino Support Forums this answer from IBM Support which worked for my clients. Set the parameter
in Mac equivalent of notes.ini (it's called "Notes Preferences" and it is in homefolder/Library/Preferences).
So while I don't have any Macs or iAnythings to test with, that doesn't stop me from troubleshooting it.

Hope this helps someone else.

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