Friday, August 12, 2011

Fud Buster Friday #63: Diet Coke is good for you

I love this one. It just amuses me to no end.

There are people out there who really believe drinking Diet Coke is better for them, in some way, than drinking regular coke.

Got news for you all, drink water, and no matter how much you pay for it, tap water, in most civilized countries is perfectly fine for you.

Do you really think drinking a 2 liter bottle of this stuff a day or 3-4 cans is good for you? Drinking it instead of regular Coke will save your waist line?

Now what is this really about? Perception.

Is the Cloud good for you? Or is it like Diet Coke and just easier on your waist line of business, called your budget?

What about Outsourcing? Is that just a Diet Coke to reduce your budget as well?

What's wrong with hiring people and managing your own servers? Drink the Coke.

Licensing doesn't go away, entirely, other expenses have a similar trap.

Maybe it's the belief in someone else's initiatives? You have run out of ideas and think someone else knows better? Like everything else in life, it only works part of the time as planned.

Is it easier to drink Diet Coke then eat better? What if you just drank water instead? Change your viewpoint and see what you are doing from another angle.

The world around you is not waiting for anything. You want something, you go do it, but don't be fooled by marketing and sales campaigns that are aimed not to help you, but sell more product.

Advertising works evidently, shocking, I know. But next time you reach for a Diet Coke, or a software equivalent, think about it.


  1. I LOVE Diet Coke, it is like nectar of the gods to me. There is almost no more delicious beverage than a fountain Diet Coke laden with ice. The fact that it has zero calories and I can drink it with impunity is just a bonus. That being said my love of DC has no bearing on my feelings on the cloud or outsourcing.

  2. Rob, I knew in advance how attached people are to DC. I'm not, but then I am not a drinking person of anything diet.
    The various health studies around DC cause me to wonder about the parents that give it to their kids, but as adults, hey, it's our choice right?
    The post was germinated from a discussion I had with some marketing and advertising people and comparing software to soft drinks.