Friday, July 1, 2011

Symantec Customer Service Fails

Due to the length of time to resolve a problem? Which is still unsolved.

Backup Exec will not work on one of the Domino servers at a client site.
We have been working this issue now for 3 months and have done various updates, system changes, debugs, and still no luck.

The backup fails when one tries to select Domino databases in a directory, it just hangs and never comes back. No other servers have this issue. The server has even been rebuilt and moved off VM, increased the RAM and other efforts.

Today I logged in to find this message. We were closed because it took too much time to not resolve a problem? Note they were to get some more details from me the next day, which I did send, but it was closed. Thanks Darren whoever you are at Symantec.


  1. I have this issue too. Exactly the same. Mine in "with the back engineers".

  2. I can understand you, I had a similar experience with BE.

    The first ticket was opened in mid February, closed and opened another one for the same issue (and formally still opened..).

    The issue was backing up DAOS-enabled mailboxes: if the DAOS base dir is outside the Domino DATA dir, backup fails! We moved it inside the DATA and now it does work, but DAOS base dir inside the DATA dir is not good, according to IBM.

    I also reached the "back engineers", maybe the only ones who knows what Domino is... :-(

  3. see also:

  4. Totally unacceptable. I would escalate that to management level and demand action.

  5. Hi Keith and all,

    Our apologies and I completely agree that the lack of progress on your case is something we as a company need to address. In the future, always feel free to request an escalation to the duty manager.

    On to your current cases, I've approached my colleagues on the BackupExec team here in Orlando and started the ball rolling. Could you privately share with me your support case ID's and we'll work with the right folks in support and engineering to get this sorted out.

    My e-mail address is rruggles (at

    Best Regards,

    Ron Ruggles
    Sr. Product Manager
    Enterprise Vault and Netbackup for Domino

  6. If it helps, we've been backing up mail files with Backup Exec with DAOS outside the data folder.

  7. Ron, Thank you for replying. I have emailed and look forward to resolving this. As you can see others have similar issues.
    I'm 2.5 hours south of you, come on down to see it live.

  8. David, This has been under discussion as a possible issue to move it out or in, don't recall what that box was built like. Should be outside but it is an older box waiting to get updated, just not soon enough.

  9. Hello,
    I will be reopening Keith's case and presently own Darren Duke's as well. This is an odd issue that is presently being worked between myself and engineering. With only two active cases experiencing this issue worldwide it is suspected to be environmental.

    Russ Perry
    Backline Support Engineer
    Symantec Corporation

  10. Thanks Russ, it probably is the individual server but in my case I just rebuilt and installed it when pulling it off a VM.

  11. It turned out in both cases that there was an older Domino DLL (NDGTS.DLL) in the Domino data folder that the Backup Exec agent was finding before getting to the proper version in the Domino binaries location. Have a look here for the resulting fix Technote.