Friday, July 29, 2011

Fud Buster Friday #61: Cheap, Cheap, Fail

There are times when you can get by on the cheap, but there are many more times where doing so will cost you much, much more in the end.

Let's say you need to get some new laptops or desktops. Naturally you have a myriad of choices and not just Dell, HP, Apple or Lenovo. Operating systems, sizes, processors, disk space and so much more. But you decided that the most you can spend per employee is $500.

What will you get? Can you get something useful? Maybe if they already have a laptop with peripherals, like wireless or USB keyboard/mouse, LCD. But what if they do not? Do they need it? Further more do you need a docking station or network/dock hub? What about software licenses?

You get the picture. So you balance cost vs. need and forget about support, warranties and reliability. Help desk support and installation/setup costs get involved as well.

Before you are done you are at $1,000 and now what? Maybe it will be fine, maybe it won't.
But you ended up spending 2 times as much as you wanted.

This is paralleled in software, projects and almost everything else in life. The world is full of instances where someone chose to err on the side of saving a buck which later was the cause of great catastrophes in business and life. The Titanic inferior bolts, the Boston Tunnel, Airplane parts that were long past usage, car tires worn bald.

Taking the cheaper solution even though it will cost 2 or 3 times more before you get any retuirn out of it, instead of the one already working from day one that costs just a little bit more is daring, reaching and what leaders do.

It's always the same.
                                You can be different.
                                                                 Change your Reality! Don't do things the same old way.

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