Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Edits, They Never Quite Look Right Do They?

You may have noticed I have changed some UI on the blog to clean it up a bit.
One thing which I am working on is bringing back the logo I love but in a smaller size, with the tag lines so it fits in less space than before. I fought with the html and lost in round 1, but gained a bunch of other benefits. So will try again in a day or 2.

The problem I am seeing is the UI looks different on my various devices, monitors. I can safely state that the nuance of which yellow or orange hex code is very important. It means the difference between legible reading or worse, much worse.

The funny thing is the editor/CMS looks the same no matter what I do to the blog itself. I'd like the editor to change with me and my colors. I know the Domino Designer doesn't do this either, but it can pick up some colors and trims. Maybe some one reading has figured out a way to customize their designer UI, color scheme and I'd like to hear about it.

All spelling mistakes are mine, but what happens when the editor shows it plain as day in a proper way yet publishes it askew? I also now understand more about what Ben discusses. I always knew but this last round has me wondering.

So in the old days we would test sizing, colors, now we test these and multiple browsers, devices and I guess add monitors to the list. It never ends.

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