Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Quickr 8.5.1 Fix Pack 6 is out Today with Cross Product Info

While grabbing the 853 Domino/Notes code I also checked on some other items and today we have a new fixpack for Quickr at ibm.com/support/fixcentral.


What is also nice now there is the link to Cross Product Relationship Information which for those who haven't seen it, allows you to put in your versions of products and lets you know what matches what version.

NOTE Quickr 851 still is not supported on Domino 8.5.2 only on 8.5.1

The list of fixes wasn't linked yet so here is a copy of the text from the read me.

Quickr Domino Release 8.5.1 Fix List

07/13/2011    PPOR8FAESH
LO59493    Regardless of the browser locale, Lists in Quickr show dates using the US format.      
07/13/2011    TJOR8J2S4Q
LO61760    Folder ACL settings are not saving changes made when using local groups in rooms.      
07/13/2011    TJOR8J4PF8
LO61860    When a responses to a topic in a Forum contains an apostrophe and responses are collapsed, the apostrophe is shown as encoded (').      
07/13/2011    MMOI8J5GS5
LO61883    With a specific customer place, a placebot caused the Domino Server to crash.      
07/13/2011    JRIE8HEKTZ
LO61283    “qptool repair” enhanced to fix some folder inconsistencies.      
07/13/2011    DAMC8JGGKL
LO62097    “qptool refresh -theme” does not update the theme of child places migrated from 8.2 after the PlaceType has been updated with a new theme.      
07/13/2011    DWHN8JNGAQ
LO62179    When going into a place via the place URL (http://www.testserver.com/myplace) that was upgraded from 8.2 and that place has a room as the first element in the TOC, you will go directly into the room instead of the main room.      
07/13/2011    GAKI8JGHSZ
LO62105    Upgraded 8.2 places with posts / pages that have 1 attachment show in the Connector as an upload where the default action is to launch the document instead of launching into the browser.
(see fix GAKI8JGHSZ in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)      
07/05/2011    JHHO84BJ6P    In the Member Manager, the More Actions menu should not have the option to subscribe to a feed.      
07/05/2011    WBSI8H9AYV    When a member’s name contains an ampersand (&), the Table of Contents of the place does not display.      
07/05/2011    HMON8J2PWU
LO61752    With French set as a workstation’s locale, log in to the Notes Connector using incorrect credentials -- you will receive an authentication error that displays garbage characters.       
06/30/2011    MCOR8AZQUJ
LO61161    When creating a new task and select who the task is assigned to and tick “Send Notification”, the send notification dialog should be propagated with the name of who it is assigned to.      
06/30/2011    RTIN8HKKFJ
LO61387    Table of Contents items are not being translated for a non-English workstation on upgrade places.      
06/30/2011    CCOD8AVJ7H    When moving a page from the Table of Contents to another folder, the Original Location in the Folder Picker is blank.      
06/30/2011    MCOR8AZQUJ    In internet Explorer, if more than 1 task is new, then the “This Week Events and Tasks” tab doesn’t display any events or tasks.      
06/30/2011    GAKI8GJD28
LO60601    After registering an archived place that was placed into a directory name which was different than the place’s original directory name, the place’s title changes to the new directory name.      
06/30/2011    DTRR8J3FR6
LO61737    Using Domino Native Authentication, adding a group to a place and expanding that group in the member picker, a maximum of 10 group members display.      
06/30/2011    HMON8HFPER
LO61340    When searching for names in the Member Management Add dialog, if the member’s name is very long, the vertical scroll bar may be moved off of the dialog making it impossible to scroll.      
06/30/2011    RTIN8GTSKA
LO60847    When creating a new page in a room on an upgraded 8.2 place and inserting a picture into the body of that document, when clicking “send to server” you will be challenged for credentials.  If you either cancel the dialog, or enter your credentials, the image preview will display a red x.      
06/30/2011    JRIE8GXH2L
LO60874    When creating a new custom theme, the What’s New / Updates tab does displays WHATS_NEW.UPDATES.NEW_GENERIC.      
06/30/2011    TJOR8ESQZU
LO59143    Customer specific issue where Domino HTTP server crashes where the crash happens on ntdll.ExpInterlockedPopEntrySListFault.      
06/22/2011    ESEO8HSR75
LO61557    After upgrading to FixPack 5, replacing a file on an imported document on a place and document that was upgraded from 8.2 results in the new preview not being generated.      
06/21/2011    CSTS8GYRKE
LO60967    When using an Approval Cycle workflow custom form in a subroom and specifying that the pending approval is placed in the room index and the final approval into a folder.  When the workflow is approved it does not end up in the correct folder.      
06/21/2011    ALSR8HZB2C
LO61699    When using Internet Explorer and accessing Quickr over a slow network link, an error “Unspecified error on line 1781” may be displayed on places after being upgraded from 8.2.      
06/21/2011    PPOR8H9HHK
LO61168    Within the Library, a document’s modified date is incorrect when the document has been modified unless its attachment has been modified.      
06/21/2011    DAMC8HLFDJ
LO61407    Customer place specific issue using a custom form based off of the 8.2 theme, when clicking the “New…” button in any folder, Upload is not one of the selectable forms.      
06/21/2011    DTRR8HDJG7
LO61239    With Folder ACL enabled, the option to Check In from the Office Connectors is grayed out when selecting that folder to check in to.      
06/21/2011    JRIE8HNE99
LO61466    From the browser client, when moving a folder to a specific position within the TOC, if there is a room listed, the folder being moved will always appear under the room.      
06/21/2011    RTIN8HLJ8Q
LO61410    When changing the default form of a folder to Imported File and using the Imported File button to create a new imported document, the resulting document does not contain a preview tab.      
06/21/2011    YDZG8J28SN    Under certain circumstances, an attachment Edit link will disappear when using Internet Explorer 7.      
06/17/2011    JRIE8G3LYP
LO60179    When sending a notification from a room and tick Notify all members, all members of the place are notified instead of all members of the room.      
06/17/2011    MMOI8HUPCB
LO61623    Under certain circumstances a Form based PlaceBot may crash the server when the place is derived from a placetype.      
06/13/2011    WBSI8G5B98    Cannot create a List if Single Sign On not enabled.      
06/09/2011    SSCG8FLCWF
LO59698    When you create a Task page where the title contains a percent sign, the Task doesn’t load when clicked on.      
06/09/2011    EPIA87ZGEW
LO59905    When choosing to “Send Link” to other members, there is no way to select All Members.      
06/09/2011    GAKI8GQEEM
LO60719    Creating a room using the qptool execute command along with the correct input.xml does not succeed.
(see fix GAKI8GQEEM in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)      
06/09/2011    PNOT8HNJ2C    Using Domino Native Authentication, when sending a notification to all members the notification would not go to a member that was in an external group.      
06/02/2011    MMOI8FARNX
LO59549    Viewing Tasks when your browser local is French with show the Task as late regardless of the due date.      
06/02/2011    CSTS8G6Q2M
LO60349    In Internet Explorer 6, when importing a graphic file using the Imported File document type and previewing the graphic, the graphic doesn’t appear after switching to a different tab and then switching back to preview.       
06/02/2011    RALF8FNKRM
LO59841    After upgrading from Quickr 8.2 to Quickr 8.5, imported HTML pages are not displayed correctly.      
06/02/2011    ACHG8H74R4
LO61113    When a folder name contains both Chinese and English characters and the folder is moved into a different room, the folder’s name changes to something unreadable.      
06/02/2011    XYHO8E683G    With MSSO disabled an error is given when checking out a Page.      
06/02/2011    TMAI8D95Y9
LO57799    When using Notes with Internet Explorer as your default browser and the Notes version is Notes Client Standard, clicking Edit Document to round-trip edit a document does not launch the application to edit the document.      
06/02/2011    CSTS8G4Q6H
LO60264    Unable to take a place offline when using Domino Native Authentication.      
06/01/2011    RSOI8GLC2N
LO60600    When using the “Send Link” option from the browser client to a local member and an 8.2 upgraded place an error is given that the email address is incorrect.      
06/01/2011    ESEO8GGNZQ
LO60562    When using a custom form and the document based on that custom form is created with a user who’s DN contains one of the following characters: & < > “ ‘ , the document can not be displayed.      
06/01/2011    HMON8HDS9K
LO61267    Place specific issue where a Folder proxy document was in an incomplete state.  This folder would only appear in the Notes Sidebar Connector.      
05/26/2011    GAKI8BPEKX
LO56719    Running “qptool refresh” on an upgraded Quickr 8.2 place based on a PlaceType may not refresh the theme from the PlaceType if you had previously run “qptool archive” on that place.
(see fix GAKI8BPEKX in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)      
05/26/2011    KSAA7WTDFX
LO45318    When using an 8.2 upgraded place and logged in as an editor, moving a folder to another folder causes that resulting folder to no longer be expanded.      
05/25/2011    PNOT8H6L2Q    In a customer place certain documents created with a custom form in 8.2 do not show the Attachments tab in Connectors after upgrade, documents created post upgrade do show the Attachments tab..
**Please note, you must run “qptool upgrade -f  -a “ for this fix to be applied   

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