Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Blog

4 years is a long time. On the 5th was the anniversary of this blog. Others have been started and dropped through the years, but this one keeps going.

This year saw the rebirth of the Fud Buster Friday posts. While the world has changed quite a bit over the year and I am not going to drag that up again, the animosity against IBM now comes in different ways. Google+ comes out swinging for the fences, Novell's Vibe has some of the Google+ going for it, but the comparisons of these against Facebook and eventually IBM Connections may be some of what comes in the future.

Details, details, details. Let's see, according to PlanetLotus this blog is 21 based on unique hits. Probably would have been better had PL not had a server issue once upon a time, but that is not important. What is important is how many people the posts within have helped others.

This year a handful of posts have claimed over 700 visits. Peanuts to some people no doubt, but as a non-developer who has some contrarian opinions, not too bad.

My iNotes redirector posts continue to get hit nearly daily, so although we all use it, obviously I struck a chord when I wrote them.

Naturally there is also the Sharepoint costs how much post that also gets hit daily.

Interesting to me is people using ipods to read my blog. A small percentage but impressive nonetheless. By far windows beats the next highest system, Macs but Linux/Unix are coming up stronger. Firefox, IE and Chrome represent 45, 30, 14 percent respectively.

So as I embark on the 5th year I have been guest blogging and starting a few more blogs, some that have nothing to do with these topics, some that view these topics in a different way. There is more outside the Yellow Bubble.


  1. Hey Keith, congrats on the continued success of the blog. I enjoy the posts, all of them.

    Mine is coming up on 2 years, but I'm struggling with continuing it or not.

  2. Denny, thanks for the reading. Keep up the blogging. Or G+ posting if you prefer.
    Find your muse!