Friday, July 29, 2011

Helping a client get into Computerworld

It was a great surprise to see and read about Flexcon in Computerworld.

Saw the post from Ed this morning.

This is an example of how social media, client relationships, marketing and time can help anyone get their message out.

It is not always about IBM or Lotus but we work with various press people to get the word out either about our company and offerrings or about our clients and in some cases like this, get our client some great press as well.

At least 3 others in the Yellow Bubble work with  Flexcon and I am happy to say we all get along quite well and respect each others projects and efforts. Thank you to both of them.

Be open to opportunity, get legal or marketing on your side, get published, get quoted, do something for yourself and your company. There are opportunities DAILY if not hourly to get the word out so help your clients or company and provide this service to them.

Helping your clients is never a bad thing even if it does not involve a project, money or licensing.

If you want Lotus products, or for that matter, any products to stay for the long haul, help them by helping yourself.

To those friends and clients that could not take part in it, I will keep trying to include you, we will find something your legal will accept :-)

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