Wednesday, September 10, 2008

LS09 - Blogger's Lounge Update #2

While many of you have joined the Facebook group, and many joined Facebook for the first time as well it seems, not my intention, you could stay out of FB like Greg Eldred(thanks for volunteering at the Lounge), others have asked why it wasn't being done in a Lotus product.

In short I needed a fast way to get some fast input and figured it would help to see the interest from the community.(this line Edited 9/10 9pm)

Those of you at work during the day with no FB access, can go in tonight and give us your feedback and times.

Well I have good news, I set us up at
Bad news? Technical difficulties exist with the forum section.

I will keep the FB side updated as well as the Bleedyellow side. is the location. If you don't have an account yet, go get one, sign up and join in everyting Connections has to offer.

Using Lotus Connections 2.0 I have created a Community for the Blogger's Lounge.

Used Chris's new Lotusphere Abstract template with a few renames.

And an Activity for the Blogger's Lounge.

NOTE: I can not link the 2 so you must find the community, Blogger's Lounge and the related Activity or ask me to include you, it does not accept group names.(Edited 9/10 9pm)
There will be a subsequent "Sametime Broadcast Community" by tomorrow so those of us using an R8 Sametime client can connect easier without having to always go into BleedYellow.

Thanks to Chris Whisonant, the Lotus Connections Guru of Lotus911, and of course Lotus911 for maintaining the Bleedyellow site.

Also thanks to Chris Toohey for his blog posting and call to action. And lastly to David Schaffer that commented on Chris's site that made me drop my day work to resolve the glaring problem.

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