Thursday, September 4, 2008

SnTT: Which Lotus R8 client are you running and how would you know?

I posted on Twitter looking for some help with a Notes.ini question.
Many of you, I have no doubt, either figured I was being lazy and didn't RTFM or perhaps you knew and didn't tell me.
Really I do search the admin guide 1st, IBM 2nd, Twitter 3rd, forums 4th.

Well, I have news for you, go RTFM and find it. I'll give you days. You won't.

The Question was:
If I am setting up notes.ini's for a client to roll out, how do I specify the client version?

Now we know that in 8.0.2 a new command called UseBasicNotes=1 allows you to select which to run.

Great, but what if you are on 8 or 8.0.1?

My good friends at Waresource who have excellent manuals, training pieces and various freebies trainers like me like to give out or use for personal things produced this document.

If you search the document for InstallMode you will find a nice line which states Installmode=1 is Standard client
InstallMode=0 is Basic

Now, why isn't this in the admin help or client help guides, anyplace?

And try to find technotes on it? nope.
Thanks to Genosis from twitter who pointed me to this document. Which cryptically pointed to installmode=1.

When you Google "installmode=1 lotus"(without quotes obviously) you do not get many answers, actually only 11.

Now I resolved a developer's question internally, my client's install problem and learned someting new. So I guess this is my SnTT, whch I thought I never would do.

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