Friday, September 5, 2008

Sametime on a Blackberry, the Followup

Some of you may recall when I posted about the doc I put together for getting the Sametime client from RIM to install and be pushed out to your community.

Happy to report there were over 160 downloads of the doc. Quite a few from someplace called NONE. Must have been the Microsoft guys.

Anyway, happy to hear it has helped so many people, evidently I did too good of a job with it as most replies to an email we sent out came back with this:

"It is installed and running great.
Thanks for the follow up. The documentation was great as well."

If you just can't do it or haven't updated your BES to 4.1.6 yet, let me know, always happy to help.

Happy to have helped everyone and will update you when my article is ready on other clients as well. Now back to submitting abstracts for Lotusphere.

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