Thursday, September 4, 2008

Spam has attacked my Drafts Folder - Help

Needless to say this is a bit annoying, and odd.

Although we use Spam Sentinel for our personal email(imap/pop3), and Digitar on the corporate side AND Spam Sentinel I am seeing some strange items. First noticed about a month or 2 but now is more than 1-2 emails a day.

The 2 Priorities:

1) My personal email, multiple accounts, has been showing spam messages in my drafts folder which appear to be bypassing the inbox entirely. Nothing sahows in my sent folder either, but I know it did send, outlook is disconnected on this pc so it only gets out one way. A new level of spam?! Or just bad configuration on my part?

2) When I replicate with the corp. mail, I may receive 1 message yet the replicator shows anything from 5-30 being received. Odd, but nothing in drafts or anyplace else to show spamming.

Any ideas from the WWW is appreciated.
Like I said, more annoying than harmful as far as I know.

The funny thing is it disappeared after I went to 802 for a few days, but came back again.

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