Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lotusphere 2009 and my surprise

It seems my hotel which I have stayed at the last few years, and has always had excellent Wi-FI and very low rates, went WAY upscale. Yes, I'm talking to you, Best Western.
Not funny that a room rate 50% higher than last year is the cheapest option!
And who decided a Sunday stay should get $45 MORE compared to the other nights?

In the past the Swan and Dolphin always seemed to be so expensive, but being on site is priceless.

This year I lucked out and got a reservation at the Dolphin...and the Best Western.
Unsure which way it will turn out, but for those who think I am hoarding rooms, well, better to have an option than not(waiting lists abound). And also this way I can provide shelter for those Spherians who have no where else to sleep.

And in case you are wondering I submitted abstracts for each track(except appdev) and a Birds of a feather session too.

Now who has the knowledge about the Blogger's Lounge as I line up sponsors?

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