Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Domino 8.0.2 AIX Upgrade, 10 minutes

In my previous AIX Upgrade post although it was a great guideline to follow, I see it needs some clarifications.

In doing my 802 Lotus Domino upgrade on my AIX server, a dual partition server I might add, I followed my notes. But I was vague on some parts.

Last Minute EDIT:
Forgot to mention, type bootinfo -y at a shell prompt to see if you are a 64 bit server or not.

The Domino files for 802, now known as C1K3AEN for the 32 bit version and C1K3BEN for 64 bit, MUST be in the /opt/lotus directory if you want it to install properly. I know some unix guy out there will say, no it doesn't, but as a non-unix geek, I go with what works, so put it in the correct place.

The rest does work as detailed previously.

10 minutes to update it, sweet!
OK, if you are not already up to date on AIX levels it may take you more preparation time.

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