Friday, July 1, 2011

Symantec Customer Service Fails

Due to the length of time to resolve a problem? Which is still unsolved.

Backup Exec will not work on one of the Domino servers at a client site.
We have been working this issue now for 3 months and have done various updates, system changes, debugs, and still no luck.

The backup fails when one tries to select Domino databases in a directory, it just hangs and never comes back. No other servers have this issue. The server has even been rebuilt and moved off VM, increased the RAM and other efforts.

Today I logged in to find this message. We were closed because it took too much time to not resolve a problem? Note they were to get some more details from me the next day, which I did send, but it was closed. Thanks Darren whoever you are at Symantec.