Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What if your SEO gets you the #1spot?

But your sales haven't increased.

An excellent question. One which I ponder as it is quite clear we do come up first on a number of searches in our regional efforts (on various search engines) but some potential customers have not gotten in touch with us.

Evidently if you build it they will not necessarily come. Thus we embark on some testing of various pages, changes to better highlight where the problem lies.

This blog gets more business for us than the website, which while nice, should help feed the other not vice versa.

Recent events made me wonder if our SEO efforts were for naught but they seem to work fine with a few exceptions which will get ironed out.

So we continue to be the most active South Florida Lotus Business Partner with Sametime, Quickr, Domino.Doc(moving to Quickr) and of course Domino upgrades and migrations and with the new Connections 2.5 look forward to some projects with that as well.

Spent some time today with a BP that specializes in VOIP and CRM integration for Domino, but it's big money(100k-1M) and for larger companies, sorry SMB customers.

This may prove to be a better effort than the SEO.

The funny thing, is both are free, my meeting today and our SEO.

So the best things in life really are free.