Monday, September 14, 2009

Outlook is the Industry Standard...or is it?

I try and I try yet still this line comes up.

Today it appeared to a few Twitter mates and I had a similar discussion with a financial organization.

So for the last time. Outlook is a client software. NOT a server.

Outlook is not an industry standard on this planet.

To be fair, nothing in IT is really an industry standard.

Although what SHOULD be an industry standard is the ability for a product to work on more than one monolithic Operating System.

Sadly, even the proponents of alternatives don't always have an option of their own.

So if one Google's "outlook is an industry standard" gets 6 hits(now 7).

Don't like that line, try this one: "outlook is the industry standard" only 3(now 4) hits.

Now try: "Lotus Notes is the industry standard" A whopping 13(now 14) references.

So the next time anyone lays that line on you, just remind them 200-400%+ more references to Lotus Notes being a standard exist than Outlook.