Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Waiting is the hardest part...and most expensive!

Seen Tom and the boys in London on the short lived Echo Tour, among others

You say Lotus is a Legacy solution? Are we that old?

What about Exchange? Well you waited nearly 4 years for an update, was it worth it? You spent 5 years of Software Assurance money with Microsoft and now you wonder how they could afford to buy Yahoo!?!

Outlook also you waited 4 years. IE as well.

You waited 6 years for Vista since XP emerged.

Forgot about Sharepoint, an excellent chart is found here, hopefully IBM SWAT has seen this.
Yep, almost 4 years past.

See a pattern? And on the Lotus side we have seen since 2003 release 6.5 and R7 in 2005 with R8 in 2007 materialize which averages out to a new version every 2 years and in some cases, split stream updates/revisions/addons and enhancements happenned twice a year.

So who is the legacy solution and why do you or your clients think it isn't Microsoft?